The American Campus Tree Genomes

Course on Whole Genome Assembly and Annotation v0.1b

DNA sequencing followed by whole-genome assembly and annotation is a critical first step for understanding the connection between DNA and physical traits of individuals. The American Campus Tree Genomes (ACTG) project is a national effort spearheaded by Alex Harkess of Auburn University and Hudson Alpha to provide a curriculum that teaches new scientists, through hands-on experience, the computational steps for whole-genome assembly, annotation. and scientific writing that culminates in a research-ready genome assembly, and a publishable manuscript for submission to a scientific journal. The project’s focus is on trees that are beloved within a region, state, or university campus, but the course provides training that is applicable for any species. This document provides an implementation of the ACTG curriculum. Students will assemble and annotate a genome for a tree species. Students will contribute content to this manuscript and be included as co-authors on the final submitted manuscript.